Wordy Wednesday #436, “Colorado State Flower”

The state flower of the state of Colorado is the Rocky Mountain Columbine Aquilegia caerulea aka Columbine to us residents but also known as “granny bonnets” to some. The flowers are very variable in color, from pale blue (as in the species name caerulea) to white, pale yellow and pinkish; very commonly the flowers are bicolored, with the sepals a different shade to the petals.

This image was shot with a Pentax K100D while I was working on the Magic Lantern Guides: Pentax K100D / K110D instruction book. Lens used was a Pentax DA 18-270mm F3.5-6.3 ED SDM lens (at 200mm.) Exposure was 1/180 sec at f/7.1 and ISO 200. The image was processed in Photoshop using the free Color Efex Pro plug-in, although the image appears in the book in black and white.

Copies of the Magic Lantern Guides: Pentax K100D / K110D instruction book are still available from Amazon for less than ten bucks. So if you or a friend owns this still useful camera, you might want top pick up a copy…while supplies last, as they say.

Author: Joe Farace

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