Wordy Wednesday #228 “Black & White and Read All Over II”

The Plymouth Prowler, later the Chrysler Prowler like this car, is a retro-styled production car that was manufactured in 1997 and 1999-2002 by (the then) DaimlerChrysler. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart form these styles yet wonderfully stylish and ultimately slow with performance that don’t live up to what the looks promise. Nevertheless, I still love’em.

Image shot with Olympus E-M10 Mark I with Leica DG Summilux 12mm f/1.4 lens and an exposure of 1/5o sec at f/10 and ISO 320. Speaking of exposure…


One of the best film emulation software products around is Alien Skin’s Exposure and now they’ve rolled out the latest iteration that more and more these days takes on the mantle as an image editor—including RAW—that’s been specifically designed for accurate film emulation.

alien-x2Exposure X2’s more than 500 presets emulate the iconic black and white and color films from Daguerreotype to modern portrait films like Kodak Portra. Additional presets like Lo-Fi, faded, and cross-processing offer a palette blend of effects. Me? I especially like the Cinema effects found under the Color tab but my heart and my finger reaches for Exposure X2 in Photoshop’s’ Filters menu for black and white conversion. You can customize each one, then add it to your library.

Exposure X2’s creative editing tools include color toning, exposure, sharpening, and saturation and you can refine your image files using spot healing and brushing, stack layers for endless looks, and apply a variety of special effects. You can even apply overlays like light leaks, textures, and borders. Download the free trial and try it on your own images.


screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-11-33-44-amIf you like automobile photography, please visit my automobile photography website and blog. I’ve written a small Book How I Photograph Cars that’s available through Blurb and is a concise look at how to make great car photographs under all kinds of lighting and working conditions.

Author: Joe Farace

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