Wordy Wednesday #209 “I Heart Trains”

A few days Mary was going through some of our boxes (and boxes) of 4×6 prints that had been made over the years by such long lost names as Robert Waxman Camera and Seattle FilmWorks. Mary was looking for some specific family picties and as I watched YouTube videos of LEGO and she would occasionally comment on some of the old photographs she was uncovering. (Try having this much fun, looking at thumbnails of digital images.)


So she would say, “look at this photo when you had a beard, ha, ha” and stuff like that and then she says. “Look at all the pictures of trains”. And every few seconds she would repeat,” more trains!” Yes but you already know that I like trains.

I also like infrared photography, so this image made at the Colorado Railroad Museum was shot with a Panasonic Lumix G5 that had been converted to infrared capture by LifePixel. The RAW file was converted to monochrome with Silver Efex Pro and then tweaked with Color Efex Pro to add a soft glow and warm up the images. It was cropped via Photograph with a 16:9 ration. Both plug-ins are now free, so get’em when you can.

Tip: You can try infrared photography yourself by having one of your old cameras that’s sitting around gathering dust converted to IR-only operation. By using the coupon code “farace” at LifePixel, you can save processing time (and a few bucks) when converting your camera to infrared.IR.book.cover


My book The Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography is currently out of print but you can get an affordable used copy or not-so-affordable new copies of the book from Amazon.com.

Author: Joe Farace

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