Wordy Wednesday #207 “It’s Almost Infrared Season”


As the man once said, “It won’t be long now…”

Although Spring may have already sprung where you live, real spring in Colorado is just around the corner in Colorado. And for me that means it’s time for more infrared photography (although I have been playing around with it this winter.)

The above image was made at McCabe Meadows park near Parker Colorado and was shot with a Panasonic Lumix G6 converted for infrared capture by LifePixel. Lens was a Voightlander Nokton 10.5mm f/0.95 lens that was shot with an exposure of 1/500 at F/11 and ISO 400. (You cna read more about the Voightlander lens here.) The RAW file was processed in the free Silver Efex Pro and platinum toned using PhotoKit 2.0.

You can try infrared photography yourself by having one of your old cameras that’s sitting around gathering dust converted to IR-only operation. By using the coupon code “farace” at LifePixel, you can save processing time (and a few bucks) when converting your camera to infrared.

As a way of trying infrared photography yourself, this summer you might also consider attending the Introductory Infrared workshop on Saturdays in Summer 2016, look for dates soon. It will be held at McCabe Meadows in Parker, Colorado and you don’t need an IR-converted camera to attend. It’s a two-hour hand-on workshop on making digital infrared images with your own cameras. We’ll kick off with a brief discussion of capture options, then we’ll walk around the park and make IR photographs. Each participant will be able to shoot using different kinds of filters for making infrared images with your own camera.



My book The Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography is currently out of print but you can get an affordable used copy or not-so-affordable new copies of the book from Amazon.com.

Author: Joe Farace

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