Wordy Wednesday #183 “Snowfall in Colorado”


There has been snowfall in the Colorado mountains for several weeks now but, in the Denver metropolitan area, it’s been a warmer and milder Fall this year. The earliest recorded snowfall in Denver was on September 3, 1961. Here in Daisy Hill at an elevation of 6,250 feet, we’re at a higher elevation than Denver’s famous 5280 feet and often get snow when rain is falling elsewhere. Trivia: The elevation of the entire city of Denver ranges from 5,130 to 5,690 feet.

As I write this, we haven’t experienced that first snow on Daisy Hill but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen real soon now. Snow is a great time to make photographs when everyone else is warmly ensconced indoors sipping hot chocolate. This image was shot in a nearby park when I lived in Northern Colorado and was made with a Fuji FinePix S100FS. It was shot in direct monochrome mode with an exposure on 1/400 sec at f/8 and ISO 200.

Just remember, as they say in Groundhog Day: “Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today.”

Author: Joe Farace

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