Wordy Wednesday #180 “Infrared: No Leaves”


Fall is upon us and the leaves on the deciduous trees here are Daisy Hill are starting to turn then blow away. There some evergreens—Ponderosa Pine and Blue Spruce, the Colorado State Tree—here too. I know what some of you are thinking: It’s time to put away your IR-converted camera, unless you live in Florida, California or some other warm weather state. The above image was shot at Barr Lake State Park in Colorado.

Nope, you can shoot infrared photography year round, as I did with this images that was shoot using a tripod-mounted FinePix S100FS that I was testing (at the time) for Shutterbug magazine. Exposure with a 58mm Hoya RM-72 filter held in place (with my fingers) was 2 seconds at f/8 and ISO 200.

You can have your camera converted for IR capture, keeping in mind that this makes it an IR-only camera. When converting your camera to infrared by LifePixel, you can save a few days (7 vs 10) of processing by using  coupon code “farace.”

Author: Joe Farace

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