Wordy Wednesday #163 “Yoga Truck”


I love to photograph old trucks with lots of personality like this one. (See “Planned Obsolescence” that was shot with a Russian-made Horizon panoramic film camera.)

rd1-001The above truck was shot with an Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder that was announced in March 2004 and discontinued in 2007, and was, in fact, the first digital rangefinder camera. The R-D1 was jointly developed by Seiko Epson and Cosina, who also builds the current Voigtländer cameras. The camera uses Leica M-mount lenses or earlier Leica screw mount lenses with an adapter. The R-D1 and all of the subsequent versions of the camera used the same 1.5X Sony sensor as the Pentax *ist D (remember that one?) and Nikon D100. It was, alas, never formally imported into the US but I was able to borrow one for a few weeks and made, among other images, the above photograph.

Author: Joe Farace

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