Wordless Wednesday #100: “Up on Daisy Hill”


It is interesting if only to me that the 100th Wordless Wednesday comes so close to the 3rd anniversary of moving here on Daisy Hill. The hill our house sits on isn’t really called Daisy Hill, as far as I know it doesn’t have any name, but as a Snoopy collector and fan the name just seems to fit. This is the view out my office door and my favorite way of looking at it—in the snow.

Even the Wordless Wednesday is not original; it was suggested by my friend Jason Anderson, The Canon Blogger, when we were having breakfast one day. Jason has moved to Cleveland, so I don ‘t get to see him as often but his blog is still going strong and I urge you to visit.

And the wordless concept didn’t even work out for me so sometimes I have called it “Wordy” Wednesday, kinda like today. I want to thanks all of you for visiting my blog over the years and thank all the many people, like Jason, who helped make it what it is.

Author: Joe Farace

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