Winning a Copy of “Studio Lighting Anywhere”

Since my book “Studio Lighting Anywhere” was launched a few months ago, readers of this blog and my followers on Twitter have been asking “when are you going to have a contest and give away copies of the book.” Well, the answer is November.

Since my lucky number is five I am going to be give away three signed copies: The first on November 5, another on November 15, and a third copy on November 25.

The winner for November 5th was Patti Todd of Savannah, Georgia. The winner for November 15th was Chicago’s Aaron Stigger. The winner for November 25th is Saint Albans  New York’s Roy Hubbard. Thanks to all of them—and you too!—for following me on Twitter and if you didn’t win a book this time, you still have one more chance to win other prizes in giveaways to come in December. Look for Details soon.

The rules for the December contest will be the same as November’s: A random Twitter follower will be chosen on certain days to receive a prize. If you’re already following me on Twitter, you don’t have to do anything! You’re already entered in the drawing. If you’re not but are a reader of this blog, please take the time to click on that big Twitter button at right and follow me on Twitter. That’s all there is to do it.

In the meantime look for an announcement on December 1st about face-to-face portfolio reviews for Colorado photographers—with a twist.

Author: Joe Farace

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