Secrets to Finding Glamour Models

By popular request, Model Monday’s are back.One of the questions I get asked a lot (after how do I pronounce my last name) is “where do you find glamour models?”


Finding glamour models is as easy or difficult as you want to make it. If you work at it methodically and consistently, you will discover that really good models will find you. Since so many of you have asked this question, today begins a series of blog post that provides some answers and will stretch over several more installments.

Let’s start with a specific question: How did I find this particulate model? I didn’t discover her, she found me and if you follow the suggestions in this series you will discover that models can find you too. Zoe found me through my website when she was looking to update not only her portfolio but for a friends too, so this one contact introduced me to two different models.

28-135mmThis window light image of Zoe was made during our second shoot together. It was captured using a Canon EOS 60D and the now discontinued (but still wonderful) EF 28-105mm that I made the mistake of selling a few years ago. (I replaced it with the EF 28-135mm IS lens but still miss the older, smaller lens.)  Exposure was 1/100 sec at f/6.3 and ISO 400. It was shot in the living room of my former home, using light from a long, thin window in the corner of the living room. Shot in color and converted with Silver Efex Pro.

Since you asked, here are some of my secrets, starting with…

Secret Number 1: Be Professional. You must be honest, professional, ethical, and above reproach in all of your dealings with glamour models, beginning with the initial telephone, e-mail, and every other contact and photo session thereafter. You must show by your actions, not just your words, that you are a professional and that you will treat her in a respectful manner.

We are now taking registration for a series on one-on-one Glamour Photography Workshops in my home studio. To schedule your time, please click the Contact button above or e-mail me directly at joefarace at gmail dot com. A limited number of students will be accepted, so please let me know if you’re interested.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 9.04.28 AMMy book Joe Farace’s Glamour Photography is full of tips, tools and techniques for glamour and boudoir photography is available from your friendly neighborhood book or camera store as well as at Amazon at very nice prices.

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