Where to Find Glamour Models, part IV

Recently a reader of this blog asked: Where do you find glamour models?  I’ve been trying to answer that in this series of posts and since you asked, Thurman, here are another of my “secrets.”

Secret Number 5: Work with Modeling Agencies.

It’s a good idea to contact every modeling agency in your town and tell them you will provide free or low cost test shoots for new and aspiring models. Almost all of them will blow you off but don’t be discouraged and keep trying. I managed to make a connection with one agency who appreciated what I offered their clients and I worked with them for eight years photographing  dozens of new and aspiring models until my contact left the company and their replacement could care less. But keep at it. I am.

kim-windowNot many modeling agencies are interested in glamour images but more than a few of their models are, so when you find a model this way use the pre-interview form I mentioned in my posts “Paperwork for Glamour Photography” to find out what the model is interested in before a shoot. Feel free to use the form and make any changes you think are appropriate for the kind of shoots you do.

For example, after each test shoot, I supply models with a CD of all the images made during the test shoot. They can take the disc to anyplace from Target to Walgreen’s and get inexpensive prints made for their portfolios. Some photographers only provide a few, edited images from test shoots, but I like give them everything because it’s a more of a fair trade and they are more likely to want to shoot with you again.

1266943033000_img_152001I photographed Kim, above, who was one of the first models from an agency and who I worked with for several years before she moved out-of-state. She was photographed using a Canon EOS 60D with the affordable EF 85mm f/1.8 lens, one of my favorite lenses for available light glamour images.

No matter which of these “secrets” that I’ve written about in this series you try, the most important thing to remember when looking for glamour models is to be yourself and always be honest, respectful, ethical, and courteous in all of your dealings with them.

Available Light Glamour PhotographyFor more information on how I shoot glamour and boudoir images using available light, please pick up a copy of my book Available Light Glamour Photography” it includes tips and tricks and techniques for shooting with inexpensiveness and simple equipment. It’s available now on Amazon.

Author: Joe Farace

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