Where Do I Find Models?

Next to how to do I pronounce my name (it’s’ Fa-race) the most popular question I’m asked  is “where do I find my models?” Finding models can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it but if you methodically work at it, you will discover that really good models will find you.

pam.legs.BWIt may seem obvious but handing out business cards to potential models you meet in your daily life is a good idea. Since “would you like to be a model?” sounds like a pick-up line, I only approach potential models when I’m with my wife. I hand them one of the inexpensive Mini Cards created on MOO.com that directs them to visit my website’s Model Search page. I ask them to look at my work and send me an e-mail to make an appointment for an interview. Long and bad past experiences have taught me to meet the person and get to know them—and they get to know you—before a photo shoot. This means when (and if) you do a shoot, it will go much smoother and you’ll make better photographs.

model-cardI also give business cards to my wife and friends who are not bashful about handing them to potential models they might meet in their everyday lives. Which brings me to part two: Let everybody know  you’re looking for models. Show your print portfolio to everybody. Show it to your neighbors, show it to other photographer/friends (that’s how I found Pamela in the above photo), and show it to the waitress at Denny’s. If people know you’re looking for aspiring or amateur models, they will refer models to you.

No matter which of these tips you try, the most important thing to remember when looking for models is to always be honest, respectful, ethical, and courteous in all of your dealings with models and potential models.

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Author: Joe Farace

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