What’s the Best Camera?

A day does not go buy without me receiving an e-mail, Tweet or Facebook post asking what camera the writer should buy? That can be a tough question to answer because for openers there’s the budget aspect that’s part of any purchasing decision and then there’s whole “what kind of pictures do you (want to) make question too. It’s similar to asking what kind of car someone should buy? For some the answer might be a Jaguar or a Corvette and for me it’s a MINI Cooper but my friend Paul is 6’-6” tall so that’s not a good choice for him!

Olympus XZ-1So what the best camera? It’s the one you have with you.” For many people, that’s a smart phone, like an iPhone, since few of us go anywhere without one these days. And people, like movie still photographer Ralph Nelson have used this tool to create real art in his new book Botanica which contains beautiful macro pictures of flowers all made with his iPhone. I’ve shoot a few photos with my iPhone but they are mostly as a record but will confess to being mildly addicted (who knows why) to Instagram.

Mule DeerIf you’re serious about photography, I believe you should keep some kind of camera handy at all times, even if it’s a point-and-shoot like the 10-megapixel Olympus XZ-1 with f/1.8 lens I currently use and love. But the best camera remains the ones you have with you. Case in point: The above image. I was washing my hands in my kitchen when I looked out the windows and saw this young buck in my next-door neighbor’s yard. I just finished a portrait session in my studio while I was testing monolights for an upcoming story in Shutterbug magazine and grabbed my Canon EOS 50D, which had an EF 135mm f/2.8 lens attached, and made a few shots though the window. Then I opened the patio door and shot a few more of him lying down. When I stepped outside and shot a few more, he got up and looked at me and I made the above (uncropped) shot. Then I made a few more walking toward him but he decided it was time to go and slowly walked away.

So what’s the best camera? On that day and time it was a Canon EOS 50D, tomorrow it might be something else.

Author: Joe Farace

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