What’s In YOUR Studio?

From time to time What’s in Your Camera Bag Wednesdays will shift focus to the studio and feature products that will make studio shooting easier, whether you have a 25,000 square foot shooting space or use your garage. This weeks useful tools are from TetherTools:

Managing cables and connections is a challenge in a studio—even a temporary one—and TetherTools has come up with clever solution in the form of two inexpensive and must-have accessories. Did you ever have a sync cable suddenly come loose from your camera? I have. Their JerkStopper Camera Support ($16.95) removes the stress and strain from the cord ensuring the plug stays connected and protected from damage. JerkStopper provides slack in the cord preventing damage or dislodging and after installation, a quick disconnect allows future tethering set-up in seconds. JerkStopper supports cable diameters from 3.5mm to 8.5mm and works with any standard A/C power adapter cord, flash sync cord, USB, HDMI or FireWire cable.

Has a cable ever accidentally been jerked out of your studio laptop and damaged the plug or cord? TetherTools’ JerkStopper Computer Support ($7.95,) when used in conjunction with the Camera Support provides a complete tethered set-up, removing the stress and strain from the cable and ensuring the plug stays connected and protected from damage. You can choose from four Computer Support models including USB port, a RJ11 (telephone modem) jack, a RJ45 (network Ethernet jack) or select the Flat Mount design which Velcro’s directly to the company’s Tether Table

Author: Joe Farace

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