What’s In Your Studio: Tether Tools’ Aero XDC

Tether Tools those clever designers of the Tether Table Aero System, has launched an accessory compartment, the Aero XDC, to assist photographers that are shooting their SLRs in tethered mode with external hard drives.  The Aero XDC and XDC Duo holds one or two drives and mounts flush to the under-surface of any Tether Table Aero. Because of a low-profile sleeve that mounts under the table’s surface, either version frees up valuable working space on the Tether Table.

The compartment’s “tunnel” design allows easy connectivity of drives and cables and the open structure provides efficient ventilation, to keep the drives cool.

 The Aero XDC ($49.95) and XDC Duo ($54.95) fits most popular mobile external hard drive models and measures 4 x 1⅛” x 6-inches or 4 x 2¼ x 6-inches, respectively. Both XDCs are constructed of lightweight T6 Aerospace aluminum and finished in brushed silver or non-reflective black to complement the Tether Table Aero line, which includes the Master, Standard, Traveler and MacBook Pro 15-inch models.

Author: Joe Farace

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