What’s in Your Digital Darkroom

The Kubota Creative Tools Lensbaby Pak is designed to enhance the artistic effects of images created using Lensbaby optics. The Lensbaby Pak includes 15 Photoshop image enhancement tools devised to enhance each of the six different Lensbaby optics and includes the Dashboard 3 control center so you can quickly and easily locate Kubota’s image enhancing tools as well as all of your existing actions stored in the Actions palette. Dashboard 3 Pro lets you assign a keyword to your favorite action and the next time you’re editing a job shot at that location, for that client, or in that style, you just type the keyword in the search field and those perfect-fit favorites will be instantly available.

I was always a huge fan of Kevin Kubota’s Sloppy Borders but the new Bor-Tex package takes them to a whole new level. The Bor-Tex Pak  contains a collection of 100 Earth and Industrial textures, comes with over 125 Sloppy Borders, and includes a special Dashboard that’s designed just for them. There’s even a preview window that lets you see the border or texture before you apply it and you can rotate and re-size your texture, adjust saturation, hue, and opacity and more. There’s a drop-down menu within the Bor-Tex Dashboard called General Use Borders so you can preview and compare them in a single location to quickly select the Sloppy Border that works best for your image. The package includes clean, simple, and elegant borders with options to simultaneously convert images to common print sizes. Are you listening Senior photographers? You can also choose to downsize your image so the outside of the Border keeps the original dimensions or choose to make the border grow around the original dimensions of your photograph.

Author: Joe Farace

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