What’s in Your Camera Bag? A LensPen

I’ve been using LensPens for a long time, for almost all the twenty years they’ve been in production, and keep one in each of my camera bags. Yup, for 20 years LensPens have been helping photographers and outdoor enthusiasts keep their cameras, binoculars and other optics clean and their images sharp. As digital imaging gradually replaced film, the company introduced models that were specifically designed to clean LCD screens, compact camera lenses, viewfinders and filters were added to the product line. And now these five LensPen models that include the Original, DigiKlear, MiniPro, MicroPro and FilterKlear are sporting a stylish new design. They may have a completely new look but still have the same features that make LensPen an optics necessity, “not just an accessory.”


LensPens are safe for cleaning all lens, filter and screen surfaces. The secret to LensPen’s cleaning ability and long life—with more than 500 cleanings—is its special carbon compound. Carbon’s grease-cutting properties remove fingerprints from optics safely and effectively. The carbon compound found in LensPen products is similar to what’s used in printer’s ink, which is one of the reasons newspapers have been an effective way to clean windows and mirrors. The cap screws on to ensure the carbon is replenished in the cleaning pad.

Using a LensPen is simple: Before putting that carbon to work, you use the retractable natural brush to remove any loose dust from the lens surface and then just gently rub with the flexible carbon tip. Viola! It’s clean.

The new-design LensPen includes the same great features as the original. It has a carbon-impregnated cleaning tip and natural brush, all wrapped up in a sleek new design. LensPens are available in five different models to clean lenses, filters, viewfinders, compact cameras and camera LCD displays.

Author: Joe Farace

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