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After what seems like a long time, the move to our new server and host is finally complete both for this blog and JoeFaraceShootsCars site and blog.

A big thanks goes out to Arizona photographer John Jebbia for assisting in the transition when the original registrar, the legendary Dave Hall, passed away last year. A huge thank you goes out to Denver photographer Tim Fiedler who has been the guiding hand behind my little on-line empire and who helped guide me through this update. Without Tim I would not have the on-line presence I have and I’m grateful for his help.


So what does all this mean to you? Some of you have told me that sometimes the blog goes down for short times and I know this is true because WordPress sends me e-mails when it goes down and comes back up and while these outages are seldom for more than 10 minutes it can be inconvenient if you’re looking for specific information or following a Google search. Hopefully this new change will bring our up time closer to 99%.

In the next few weeks, together with Tim, I hope to clean up, streamline and tweak the aesthetics of this blog as well as JoeFaraceShootsCars to make them easier to read and access. For the past several months I’ve been working on steamlining the content, eliminating duplicate posts and making new posts more readable and more fun too. But most of all these change are about you—the reader.


If you can, please support our advertisers on the right-hand side. All of these blogs cost money to run and I have to pay for bandwidth, support, and sadly, even security. These advertisers’ support makes it possible to provide this blog to you for free. And I thank them as well for their support over the years.

And if you’ve got some topics you want to see covered or type of products you want to see featured, let me know by clicking the above CONTACT button and let me know

Author: Joe Farace

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