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Joe FaraceThings look a bit different and I hope better here at the all-new Saving the World, One Pixel at a Time.

My system architect, Tim Fielder, worked on our new look, new functionality and improved user experience. For instance, on our Home page you can now scan a full week’s worth of blog posts at one time, displaying thumbnails and a bit of text allowing you to preview the post before clicking to see the full details. The Search feature will let you find specific topics that you’re interested in as well as giving immediate access to almost five years—we’ve been at it with the WordPress format since 2008—of daily blog posts. All of the features that you love so much, including Mark Toal’s wonderful posts about the Micro Four-thirds system, will be back starting on Monday, September 20.

Cameras & CoffeeTo accompany the new look, other changes are being planned. The informal Cameras & Coffee get-togethers will be back, this time held in different locations around the Denver Metropolitan Area making it more convenient to attend. Also this Fall there will be a series of free “Saving the World, One Pixel at a Time” workshops and PhotoWalks aimed at users of Micro Four-thirds system and other mirrorless camera. One will not be in Colorado but at a fun and surprising location that might be convenient to where you live—or maybe just a short drive.

You’ll find out all this and more…on the all-new “Saving the World, One Pixel at a Time.”

Author: Joe Farace

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