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Today’s Post by John Larsen

Over the weekend my photo club, the Latow Photographers Guild, organized an outing to an indoor cycling track for the provincial championships. Given the frigid outdoor temperatures here in Ontario the warm comfort of some indoor action photography suited me just fine!


While I brought my digital SLR I felt that this venue would be a great opportunity to also shoot with my Fujifilm S1. The panoramic capabilities of the Fuji enabled me to showcase this new facility that was built to host events at last year’s Pan Am/Parapan Am Games in Milton, Ontario


The 24-1200mm (equivalent) zoom lens allowed close ups of the racers as they prepared for their event. This zoom’s functionality also enabled me to shoot action shots of the racers on the track from the spectator area. bankedlowIn my experience with motorsports I have been pleasantly surprised by the focus capabilities of the Fuji when subjects are coming directly towards or going away from the camera.

One of the areas that the S1 lacks is the capacity to follow when panning on a subject. Again from my attempts at motorsports in the past with this camera, I believe that either the electronic viewfinder or focusing ability of the lens-or both, makes for disappointing results. Instead or fighting it I thought I would try slower shutter speeds to exaggerate the sense of motion. The end results were precisely what I was after.

John Larsen is located in the Greater Toronto Area, whose PhotoGraffics website contains samples of motorsports and hot air balloon photography from numerous Canadian balloon festivals

Author: Joe Farace

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