Using Portable Drives for Travel Photography one thing a traveling photographer can never have too much of is hard disk space. When I’m on the road I usually take my MacBook Pro laptop but store all of the image files I capture on an external hard drive, such as a Western Digital‘s My Passport portable drive that easily handles all the knocking around that usually accompanies travel. To minimize the whole “lost memory card” syndrome I download each day’s take onto the portable drive instead of the laptop’s internal drive.

When I get back home, I plug the My Passport drive into my desktop computer and copy the files onto one of its hard drives. Because I’m a “belt and suspenders kind of guy”—I learned that from my Dad—I’ll then burn a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc of all the images from the trip to be kept in cold storage. Just in case… Oh yeah, I also keep an Excel database of the discs and assign a number to each one, that is then filed in color-coded boxes (by subject matter) kept in my work room.

WD.driveThe seventh generation My Passport Ultra and My Passport for Mac are available in capacities of 3TB, 2TB, 1TB and 500 GB capacities. The drives feature 256-bit AES hardware encryption delivering a high level of security with no impact on write-speed or CPU activity. The drive’s USB 3 connectivity provides data transfer rates of up to five gigabits per second, while backwardly compatible with USB 2. My Passport Ultra’s built-in WD Backup software is a simple-to-use and the Mac version is compatible with Apple’s Time Machine.

My Passport Ultra and My Passport for Mac drives are available at the WD store or your favorite retailers at prices from $79.99 up to $199.99 depending on capacity. 3TB drives are supposed to be available next month. Both types of drives offer a 3-year limited warranty

Author: Joe Farace

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