The Struggle

Guest Post by Jason Anderson

The photography landscape as we know it has changed substantially over the last decade.  Kodak has stopped making film, and we are now seeing a third generation of digital cameras coming into their own.  The can be no doubt that digital has changed the “face of the landscape”.  But, has the landscape really changed?  Ostensibly we are still making and talking photographs just as our predecessors did for decades, if not centuries before us.

The Struggle

Just as previous generations faced challenges, we face our own sets these days.  Finding an audience in an increasingly competitive space, and keeping abreast of the technological changes are just a few of these challenges.  However, the ultimate challenge that most people tend to miss, is that of style.

Now, when I say style, I don’t mean to consider whether you are a portrait photographer versus a journalist, architectural photographer, corporate, stock or any other genre.  Rather, your style is more of an internal question that defines why you take pictures, not what those pictures are.  Too many of us miss the search for this answer and it’s this search that we really should focus on.

The fun part in all this is that – at the end of the day, your style, or what defines your reasons for shooting in the first place…is always evolving and changing.  If you ask yourself this question at any given point I your photographic development, the answer will be different.  A first year shooter has a different style than a 5-year shooter,  10-year, or any number you like.  Even after 30 years of shooting, you’re still evolving in your craft.  It’s never-ending and (hopefully) you’re always learning.  So, don’t get frustrated if you feel at times like you are struggling.  The fact of the matter is -it’s the struggle that counts.

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Author: Joe Farace

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