Ten Tips for Better Glamour Photographs

Communications is the most important aspect of posing in glamour photography. It starts with the initial client contact and then moves onto communication during the session but to make the best possible images, you need to start before the model arrives for the shoot.

red.riding.hoodHere are a few some simple tips that will make your subjects look better during future photo sessions. Feel free to copy and even improve upon these suggestions and be sure to send them to a client before the shoot or post them on your website so they know what to bring to a shoot.


  1. Avoid jewelry, especially wristwatches. Make the focus your model’s face, especially her eyes.
  2. Solid colors. Nothing detracts more than clothes with busy patterns and prints.
  3. Clothing fit. If a model’s clothes don’t fit, use clothespins (out of camera range) to snug them up
  4. Hairstyles. Ask the model to style their hair differently—if only slightly—for each change of clothing
  5. Experiment. Suggest the model try different looks with wigs or wacky costumes.
  6. Expression. Some models look great with a smile, others look better without one.
  7. Tattoos and piercing? You’ve got, at least, two choices: #1: You can cover large tattoos with make-up or clothing because they can limit potential sales. #2: Embrace the style and just go for it.
  8. Make-up. When changing hairstyles or outfits, ask the model to changes her make up style and color too.
  9. Footwear. For a more a statuesque posture, ask the model to wear her highest heels.
  10. Relax. A shoot is a team effort. Model and photographer must work together to achieve the best possible images.

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Author: Joe Farace

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