Studio Tools: Rime Lite Grand Softbox

Rime Lite setupThe Rime Lite Grand Softbox is available in five different sizes GSB-35, GSB-47, GSB-71, GSB-79 and GSB-91, with all sizes measured in inches. The material used in the Grand and the other Rimelite softboxes are waterproof and flame resistant allowing them to withstand hot lights up to 650W. Waterproofing not only makes for easy maintenance, prevents fading and discoloration but ensures color consistency over time. The lightbanks are made without using any fluorescent dyes in their construction, which can cause a blue color shift in your photographs. An UV coating has been employed for color consistency. Rime Lite prefers the term “softbox” for the Grand Series lightbanks and I can see why because they exhibit a flattering wrap-around quality of light that I’ll bet only increases in the larger sized models. What’s more these big beautiful lightbanks are extremely well made and surprisingly affordable.

1/80 sec at f/9 and ISO 200

The Grand lightbanks have their own unique speed ring; there are not enough holes in the speed ring provided with the kit to work with the 16-ribbed Grand. Because the Grand is so large it could be a two-person job to mount it on its speed ring if you put it together off the Rimelite monolight. Or so it seemed to me being overly cautious since it had to be returned to the manufacturer intact and I didn’t want to bend or break anything. Once mounted on the speed ring, snapping the diffusion panel inside was, well, a snap as was slipping the font panel that attaches without Velcro or any other kind of fastener. It just slips on.

Author: Joe Farace

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