Small Camera Bags for Travel

I just got back from travels to New Mexico and Utah where I was testing the Olympus E-P3 and Canon EOS Rebel T3 for Shutterbug magazine. When shooting the kinds of images that I do for the “On Test” reviews that appear in the magazine, I like to travel light bringing only the lens (or lenses) that the manufacturer provided and any accessories that they loaned me for the review. That’s why I will typically travel with small camera bags, like the Think Tank Retrospective 5 or Speed Demon that I used on these trips.

During my travels a perfect compliment to the Olympus E-P3 was Think Tank Retrospective 5 case that is specifically designed for four-thirds system cameras. It has room for the E-P3 body with 14-42mm MSC kit zoom kit lens and VF-2 viewfinder, 40-150mm lens, a Holga lens for Four-Thirds system camera, the E-P3’s bulky charger, cable to connect to laptop and still have room for some emergency snacks. You can read more about the Retrospective 5 and my early experiences HERE. All my travel since then has only endeared this bag to me even more. The Pinestone color (it’s kind of a gray but is also available in black for traditionalists) is low key and the overall shape is—what can I say—retro reminding me of bags I used in the 1970’s. Yet is is iminently practical for shooting Four-Thirds system cameras in this millennium.

The Speed Demon V2.0 is a hybrid shoulder bags/belt packs that I used mostly as a shoulder bag. The wide opening flip-top design hinges away from the body allowing you easy access to the contents in the bag, which in my case was an EOS Rebel T3, EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II and EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM along with a battery charger and a (what can I say) Nikon SD card holder.

The Speed Demon is clearly rugged and over-engineered with tough zippers, a cushioned shoulder strap and an integrated waist belt that’s concealed in two zippered pockets the bag. The waist belt also features Modular rail sections for attaching Think Tank’s Modular, Skin or Multimedia components to increase gear carrying capacity as needed. There are three bags in the Speed Convertible series, Speed Demon V2.0, Speed Freak V2.0 and Speed Racer V2.0 offering  a choice in bag size to suit your equipment assignments.

Author: Joe Farace

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