Proofing & TFP: How I Do It

I’m often asked about how I deliver proofs from photo shoots and this is how I do it. This system may not work for you but you might see a part of my system that you can use and if you like it, give it a try

Nowadays, all of my photography is done for publication in books, blogs or magazines, so I don’t deliver any kind of traditional prints or proofs to the people I photograph. Instead of proofs I give them a CD containing all of the images that I make.


On-line proofing? Fuggedaboutit it. Several wedding photographers have told me that they’ve seen prints sales go down after they instituted on-line proofing. The days, most young clients are digitally driven. As long as they can see—and show their friend—photos on their iPhone, it’s “real” and they don’t want or need prints or proofs.

In my book Joe Farace’s Glamour Photography, I wrote about the TFP (Time for Photos) concept and while some photographers and models like to make this process complicated, I think it all boils down to a simple trade of services: The model gets photographs, the photographer gets to work with the model. In general a TFP shoot provides both subject and photographers with photos they can use in their portfolios but like any contract you and she can negotiate about what you both want.

cat.cropThe TFP -originally Time for Prints—concept may have started with prints but nowadays includes digital delivery in the form of a CD/DVD but the content of these discs can vary based on whatever agreement you make with the subject. Some photographers only provide low-resolution images but I think that’s cheating. She supplied you with high resolution posing during the session and I think you should supply her with high-resolution photographs for her efforts.

One model told me she only got one photo from a TFP shoot. It was a great shot, she said but she nevertheless felt cheated. Some photographers supply every image that was made during the shoot, while other only include a few retouched photos of the photos they like. Me? I give her the kitchen sink; she gets every photo I make. If a person I’ve photographed asks I’ll retouch selected images for the client using techniques that are covered in an entire chapter in the


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Author: Joe Farace

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