Portrait Mini-Workshops Start This Month

Starting on in March I will be holding a mini-workshop on portraiture and studio lighting on Saturday mornings from March through May.

Workshops will be held in my home studio near Parker, Colorado and limited to a maximum of three attendees. If only one person signs up it will still be held so, in effect, this lucky person will be getting a private workshop. Starting time is 9:30 AM and wraps up at Noon, so if anyone wants to continue the conversation over lunch we can do that at one of the local eateries in nearby Parker.

The hands-on two-and one-half hour workshop kicks off with an introduction to basic lighting techniques and the lighting tools used to create portraits in the studio or on location. The first series of workshop will focus on using inexpensive studio monolights and then moves into using the lights. The monolights used for the initial workshop will be Paul C. Buff’s inexpensive but, as you will see, highly capable, Alien Bees. Between lighting set-ups there will be critiques of the photographs you make. Future workshop will focus on using speedlights as well.

As this is being posted, I’m having difficulty finding models* for the workshops so the actual March workshop dates are TBA. Click the contact button above to e-mail me about a specific date. The fee will be $170. If you would like a model release it’s $195. Payment is via PayPal or personal check. Lifetime customer support via e-mail is included.

*If you can help with this, please click Contact to refer any models who might be interested in participating in the workshops.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 9.13.43 AMIf you’re interested in shooting portraits and how I use lighting, please pick up a copy of “Studio Lighting Anywhere” which is available from your favorite book or camera stores as well as Amazon.com, where your purchase helps this blog. If you bring this book, or any of my other books, to the workshop I will be pleased to sign your copy.

Author: Joe Farace

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