Photoshop Actions: Panos F/X Chromantic

panos.menuIf you would like to create special effects without using plug-ins or following tedious tutorials, you’ll want to explore Adobe Photoshop’s Actions palette. Actions are not applications or even plug-ins; they are simply a set of instructions that direct the program to produce a desired effect. They are basically scripts that let you store a sequence of image editing steps that can be applied to another, similar file in the future.

Actions are cross-platform and can be shared with others. If you create an Action on your Mac OS computer anyone using the Windows version of Photoshop can load and apply your original Action to his or her images. Whether in Mac OS or Windows form, all Action files use the .ATN extension.


Panos Efstathiadis has created many impressive Actions, which can be found on his own website ( is dedicated to Photoshop enthusiasts and his numerous free and inexpensive effects Actions and tutorials are available to “let you experience this wonderful application to the maximum!” According to Panos, his “Chromantic” is a set of Photoshop actions that apply seven “beautiful color effects” to your photos. The effects are called EOS, Dusky, Infra, Lutea, Taxus and Lapis. Chromantic works with Photoshop CC, CS6, CS5, CS4 and Mac OS X and Windows 10, 8, 7, (64 & 32 bit)

The main thing to remember when applying a special effects Action is that different kinds of images can produce different results, so you should experiment and try the same Action with different photos to see what happens.

You can download your free set of Chromantic actions, here.

Author: Joe Farace

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