Photography: It’s for the Birds

One of my new interests is birdwatching; I’m just getting into it but something about this particular avocation has a stong pull for me. I don’t know what it is, it just is.

One of my favorite shows on TV’s History Channel is Monsterquest, where the show’s hosts chase down legendary creatures. Their most used tools in trying to photograph these elusive beasties is a motion controlled digital camera that they attach to a tree and place near sites were Sasquatch might come bopping through.

I’ve always wanted one of these kinds of cameras for more mundane purposes such as photographing birds and now Wingscapes comes to my rescue with a their weather proof BirdCam. The $159.95 camera shoots 2048×1536 JPEG files or 640×480 AVI files. It has 32GB of built in memory but accepts SD cards up to 4GB. The lens is the equivalent of 46mm on a 35mm camera and is in focus from 18-inches to infinity. You can set it to be tripped by motion or capture using intervals from 30 seconds up to 45 minutes or even in hourly or daily. The Birdcam uses four D-sized batteries or can be powered by an optional AC adapter. Also optional is Mounting Arm for attaching the BirdCam near your bird feeder.

Update: The new (#199.95) Birdcam 2 has a time lapse feature and a flash for nighttime photos. The Birdcam is still available, though.

Author: Joe Farace

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