Photographing People on Raceday

The day before a race is usually reserved for practice and there may be one or two sessions depending on the size of the event. NASCAR races usually have additional practice time they call “happy hour” but the purpose is the same—to allow competitors to fine tune the cars’ suspension setups to extract maximum performance. You should use that time to practice as well, by working on techniques, checking lens selection and picking out places for around the track that will product dramatic action-filled shots, all of which will enhance your performance on race day too.

Don’t forget people! Don’t just photograph the beautiful cars; photograph some of the people too. At the races, you may be able to get into the pits and photograph the drivers on practice day, with their cars. Most International car shows have beautiful models on hand who are always glad to pose with the car for you.

Be sure to use fill flash for people. I used flash for the photographs of the two Team Audi drivers (at right) in the pits after practice. Camera was a Canon EOS 1Ds with 28-135mm lens and and an exposure of 1/60 sec at f/4 and ISO 200.  The images of Ferrari fans (above) at left was made in the parking lot of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on race day for the penultimate US Grand Prix using an Olympus E-1. This is a perfect place to use Program mode along with the E-1’s built-in flash for fill.

Author: Joe Farace

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