Photo Clam: A New Tripod System

Wednesday is What’s in Your Camera Day here on the blog and today I want to give you a preview of a tripod system that maybe new to some of you but is full of rugged, well-constructed products and well worth your time to become familiar with—

Photo Clam PC30-PT224 tripodAll of Photo Clam’s Professional Carbon Fiber PT tripods feature a ground level setting so that macro photographers can shoot from as low as two to three inches above the ground. Its legs can be turned 180° so when folded in, the head is sitting inside the folded tripod legs, making it more compact for travel. The tripods are constructed of eight layers of carbon fiber and weigh from 2.42 lbs to 3.74. Depending on the model, maximum load capacity ranges from 19.8 lbs to 37.4 pounds. The tripods have a five year USA warranty.

Their beautifully-made ballheads feature an easy-to-handle mounting plate clamp and a multi-functional grip that lets you increase friction and control the ballhead’s movement. The heads have a panoramic locking knob that displays degrees for 360 degree horizontal pans and a one touch safety button that secures equipment against accidental detachment. There’s also two built-in spirit levels, and the head has a scratch resistant hard anodized coating that can handle extreme indoor and outdoor conditions. The ballheads have an eight year USA warranty.

Lets look at specifics: The PT224 Pro Gold 4-section carbon fiber tripod that I am testing is constructed of carbon fiber, supports loads up to 33.1 but weighs only 2.9 pounds, making it suitable for backpackers. It folds to 18.9-inches, less whatever head you decide to use. One leg has a leg warmer grip and all legs have foot spikes to help you dig into loose terrain for a solid footing. If you remove the center column, the Ground Level Set position lets you position your camera to less than 3-inches.

Photo Clam ballheadThe Pro Gold II Premium Ballhead offer all the features you’d except in a high quality ballheads. including a friction preset control, quick release system and a smooth, and a pan locking knob that’s located 90-degrees from the main ball locking knob. The Pro Gold II Premium Ballheads comes in three variations. They are:

  • Pro Gold II QR: This is the most affordable quick release option and accepts Photo Clam’s own (optional) QR plates or a range of plates and brackets from other manufacturers.
  • Pro Gold II Easy QR: The Easy QR model that I am testing adds a lever-operated quick release clamp and is user adjustable to match the width of a wide range of quick release plates.
  • Pro Gold II Easy PQR: This model provides a compact, easy-to-use way to shoot multi-image, single row panoramic images.  Just level the camera using the ballhead and you’re ready to go.

In the weeks to come, I’ll be putting a Photo Clam PT224 Pro Gold 4-section carbon fiber tripod and Pro Gold II ballhead to work. In the meantime, here’s a new series of tripods and heads that are well worth a look.

Author: Joe Farace

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