Are People Blinking in Your Group Photos?

Are People Blinking in Your Group Photos? Here’s Why.

In 2006, the Ig Nobel Prize in mathematics was awarded to Dr. Piers Barnes and Ms. Nic Svenson of Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization for calculating how many photographs you need to make of a group of people in order to get at least one where nobody’s blinking.

Dr Barnes found that if you take the number of people in a group of less than 20 people and divide that number by three and make that number of photographs at least one of them will be blink-free. If the light is bad, he suggests that you divide the number of people in the group by two because there’s a greater chance some people will blink while the shutter is open. According to Dr Barnes, “It boiled down to remarkably simple math. We got a bunch of our colleagues together and took some photos and the number of people blinking seemed to vary more or less as we’d predicted.”

Author: Joe Farace

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