Paperwork for Glamour Photography

I often get calls and e-mails from models and aspiring models requesting tests shoots but there’s only so much time available I have available. To streamline the process, I e-mail them a Model Data form before an interview or shoot.

1.19The form asks the kind of name, address, and physical description information you might expect, but also what hours and days they are available for photography sessions. I also ask what kind of modeling styles they’re available for during the test shoot—not later. The following styles are listed on the form: Maxim-style, Fashion, Lingerie, Swimwear, Business, Artistic Nude, Casual, and Glamour. Potential models are requested to check all that apply. I’ve found the Model Data form to be helpful but it’s not perfect. If you need a swimsuit model and she isn’t interested in posing for those kinds of images or her availability and your schedule aren’t compatible, you can save time and effort by not scheduling an interview.

Look for inconsistencies in the answers. I had one model check Maxim-style but not Lingerie and when I asked her why, she said the magazine she saw didn’t have lingerie shots in it. Maybe she though I meant Popular Mechanics. One model checked ”nude” but during the actual interview when I asked her how comfortable was she posing for nude images, she said “not today!” I never did find out what day, so it’s important you stress that models answer all questions honestly. Nevertheless only about 60% of the models that call or e-mail ever return the Model Data form.

You can’t rely on forms to do all the work and during an interview I’ll spend time with the model talking with her about the kind of photographs I like to make but more importantly what she likes. When you find an overlap in these interests is when you’ll have the possibility of creating great images together.

You can download a PDF copy of the form HERE. Feel free to use it and make any changes you think are appropriate for the kind of shoots that you do.

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For more information on how I shoot glamour and boudoir images, pick up a copy of my book “Joe Farace’s Glamour Photography,” it includes tips and tricks and techniques for shooting with inexpensiveness and simple equipment.

Author: Joe Farace

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