One Light Portraits: Photographing a Drift Driver

Recently I have been testing the new AC/DC powered Flashpoint II monolights and was interested in using the 36×36-inch Flashpoint softbox ($79.95) to create a one-light portraits. The fabrics are  resistant to the effects of heat, age and pollution and the color temperature is near neutral. The Velcro edge accepts ($39.95) Egg Crate Grid which I didn’t have for this shot but would have like to have used to create a slightly more dramatic look. Maybe next time. Tip: One of the four rods that provide the lightbank’s structure is different than the others. The first three rods are easy to install but the fourth is not because of increased tension. Installing that “different” one last makes the assembly process go quickly and smoothly.

A single light portrait? Why not? Courtney is a model and automobile enthusiast who drives a drift car (a Nissan 240SX aka Silvia to JDM enthusiasts) and posed in her Morgan’s and Philip’s T-shirt in my home studio against a gray Savage seamless background. The portrait was lit with a single 620M Flashpoint II monolight with a 36 x 36-inch softbox mounted. The light was placed at camera right as close as possible to the subject as possible without it getting into the frame. Camera was a Canon EOS 50D with EF 28-135mm IS lens (set at 80mm) with an exposure of 1/125 sec at f/18 and ISO 125. © Joe Farace

Author: Joe Farace

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