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When I lived in Baltimore, one of my favorite places to have lunch  was Muhly’s Bakery on Charles Street near downtown. Every day they offered a different special for each day of the week. Since they also included a slice of their delicious pie (mmm, banana cream was my favorite.) I loved to eat there for the food, service, and the old-fashioned ambiance and looked forward to certain special on certain days.

I haven’t been to Muhly’s in more than thirty years and can’t eat banana cream pie anymore but I was thinking abut them when setting my 2011 goals which included different themes for this blog; one different one for each workday, Monday through Friday. I created some themes in January and actually stuck to some of them but also made some changes along the way. Here are the blogging specials that I have in mind— one for each day of the week—for the rest of the year:

Monday: Models & Portraits (alternating with Sfx Day)
Tuesday: Tutorials (alternating with Travel)
Wednesday: What’s in Your Camera Bag? (alternating with Landscapes)
Thursday: Transportation
Friday: Film

The new format kicks off on Monday so be sure to come back to see what’s up on Model Monday. If you’re interested in photographing automobiles please visit and if you like movies, please drop by my movie blog

Author: Joe Farace

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