Micro Four-thirds – Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Benro MeFotoguest post by Mark Toal

If someone in your life owns a Panasonic or Olympus Micro Four-thirds camera or if you own one and want to buy yourself a fun present here are a few ideas:

The Benro MeFoto Compact Travel tripod is only 12.6-inches long when folded making it a perfect lightweight tripod for your lightweight camera. Did I mention that it comes in five colors including my favorite, red?

Lens adapters to use Nikon, Leica, Minolta or almost any lens on your MFT camera body. Google “Micro Four Thirds to (fill in your lens type) adapter” and the choices will amaze you. Fotodiox makes some of my favorites as far as build quality. Here is a LINK to a guide for using legacy lenses on Lumix Micro Four-thirds cameras.

FL-600ROlympus FL-600R and Panasonic FL360 are great speedlights for their respective Micro Four-thirds cameras but if you’re like me and don’t use a flash very often check out the dedicated flashes for Panasonic and Olympus made by Nissin. These little flashes are great for general shooting.

The Lensbaby Composer Pro is one my favorite MFT accessories. The Sweet 35 lens that it ships with is great for making creative portraits. The Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic is a close second for one of my favorite lenses. The Edge 80 Optic creates a beautiful slice of focus. The Sweet 35 and Edge 80 have built in aperture rings which lazy photographers like me love.

Monfrotto LEDLED lights for video lighting are popping up everywhere. These  little lights are meant for shooting video, but work great for lighting macro and product still shots. There are a lot of good LED lights, but the build quality of the Manfrotto LED’s is impressive. (Note from Joe: Look for my reviews of Flashpoint’s 500C and Rotolight’s Anova LED studio lighting systems in upcoming issues of Shutterbug.)

Retropsective 5The Think Tank Retropective 5 shoulder bag is made to fit smaller cameras. If you never owned a ThinkTank camera bag you will love the detail and build quality of these bags. I like a camera bag that doesn’t scream that you’re carrying a camera and this is one of my favorites. (Note from Joe: Mine too…”

seld-portrait © Mark ToalMark Toal works for Panasonic as a training representative in Portland, Oregon. His views on this blog are his own and do not represent Panasonic. You can see more of Mark’s photos on his photo blog at www.mtoal.wordpress.com or at www.mtoallumiximages.wordpress.com. Mark can be contacted at marktoalphotography@gmail.com

Author: Joe Farace

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