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Panos FX’s “Books & Brochures” is a bundle with six sets of powerful Photoshop actions that create a bunch of books, brochures, albums and pads, magazines, etc. The actions are easy to use: all you have to do is add your own photographs and text when Photoshop asks you to do so, and let the software do the magic.

Unlike PSD format templates that come in predefined sizes, the actions let you define the preferred page size and therefore avoid losing quality by upsizing or downsizing the final Photoshop image. The actions create 55 different effects, 41 of which are brand new in the latest version. The bundle contains the following sets, plus a detailed PDF guide:

  • Spiral Bound Pads & Albums: 10 effects that create wire bound and coil bound pads in many shapes —desktop, single page, two pages, with a metallic spine).
  • Softback Books: 15 effects, including six new ones, that creates softback book covers that can be viewed from various angles. Formats include the option to use portrait, landscape, and square pages.
  • Hardback Books: Five all new effects hat create hardback book covers that may be viewed from various angles. Formats: portrait pages.
  • Magazines: 15 all new effects that create magazine covers viewed from various angles. Formats: portrait, landscape, and square pages.
  • Brochures: Six effects, including four 4 new ones, that create two-fold and three-fold brochures, viewed from various angles.
  • Open Books & Booklets: Four effects, with one new one, that create softback books open at the first pages or in the middle, as well as open booklets.

There is also a free trial version that contains two demo effects: a softback book open in the first pages and a two-fold brochure. Both demo effects have a size limitation of 2500 pixels wide. If you like give the trial version and download and then order the full version that only costs $16.32 (at current exchange rates) and is available for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Author: Joe Farace

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