Maintaining the Momentum

I am honored to have Skip Cohen write today’s guest post. Having just returned from the WPPI show, as some of you may also have done, I think his post is especially relevant today.

After each convention or workshop most of us tend to follow the same plan. We leave totally pumped up! We’ve got new ideas in our heads and often tons of notes. We’re excited and we’re ready to start implemented them the minute we’re home, but it rarely ever happens. We get home and realize we’ve underestimated jet-lag if we’ve traveled far. We’ve underestimated how tired we are from the trip, the convention and just hanging out with new and old friends. It’s justified procrastination, as we step back, all with good intentions, just to take a break for a day or two.

Monday morning rolls around and we’re ready to jump on some of those new ideas to help grow our business. NOT – email and phone messages come first. After all, we’ve been away a few days and we need to follow up on messages and issues that came into play while we were gone.  Then, what starts out as just an hour or two to check email, becomes half the day and we still haven’t starting working on the new directions we wanted to take our business!

“Tomorrow…I’ll get started tomorrow, if I can just use today to catch up on blogs, all my messages and email!”

Well gang, you’re only human and welcome to real time life! Life just gets in the way and like so many of us you’re never going to get to those new ideas. That excitement and momentum you came home with has been trumped by life, your family, your business and the routine you were in before you left!

If you’re in the same boat with me, then we’re going to explore a series of ideas to help you through the challenges of fighting off the outside world. Harry Chapin once talked about his definition of a good day. I’m paraphrasing, but a really good day was pretty much when he got to work on the things he loved to do most, as opposed to the things he had to do and putting out other people’s fires.

Let’s start building your arsenal of things you can do to stay focused and motivated:

  • Isolation!  Okay, it’s normally a pretty negative word, but in this case you need to pick an hour every day when it’s absolutely YOUR time. Shut off the phone, your computer and just close the door to any room you can just be alone in. One hour of isolation with just your thoughts! Trust me on this one – it works!
  • One step at a time! You can’t do it all at once, but you can make progress with everything you’ve learned. Start by taking one idea from each speaker you’d like to implement in your business.
  • Low hanging fruit?  What are the new things you want to implement that are the easiest to do?
  • Keeping Inspired! Blogs, podcasts, YouTube and webinars – there’s so much out there and it’s free. The only price you pay is your time.  Look for people writing about things you find inspiring.
  • Join relevant forums to help you keep in touch with the new members of your network. For example, following Skip’s Summer School my good buddy, Brent Watkins,started a facebook page for the event.  In just a couple of days 60 people, all dealing with the same challenge of getting back into the routine, joined the new community.

Be sure to visit Skip’s Blog Marketing Essentials International for tips, advice and inspiration.

Author: Joe Farace

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