Magnify Images on Your Camera’s LCD

…when making portraits.

Most digital cameras have the ability to magnify the image on the LCD screen. Learn where it is and use it when making portraits to enlarge part of the photograph where the subject’s face is to see if their eyes are open and if the image is sharp. It’s also a good time to check and see if the fill flash (if you’re using it, and it’s a good idea as I’ve said before) is doing its job. Some cameras may blink a warning in the viewfinder when a speedlight is mounted, turned on, and set for a shutter seed that exceeds the synch speed. Tip: If your viewfinder display is blinking don’t make a photo until you know why.

above, left: This portrait was made in my dining room and I demonstrated a pose to Ashley Rae where I placed my hand on the wall. She did it in a much more elegant manner and I refined the pose by having her move her other hand on her hip for the final shot. Exposure with a single monolight was 1/200 at f/2.5 at ISO 400. ©2011 Joe Farace

Author: Joe Farace

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