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Today’s Post by John E Adams

If you’re interested in publishing your work, using Blurb is a must. From magazines to books all their products are top notch in quality, value and price. I especially love the Premium Magazines as I can publish an affordable but high quality printed publication of my car photography.

You can make magazines using Blurb’s free BookWright, Adobe InDesign or via PDF. All my books and magazines were created and published using BookWright, which is simple and fairly intuitive to use:

  • Free, professionally-designed layouts and the ability to create your own
  • Print book, eBook, and PDF from same file
  • Free unique ISBNs for every version of your book
  • WYSIWYG print output via a color profile custom
  • Reflowable text containers
  • Rich Text Format (RTF) import for text-centric books
  • Runs on Mac OS or Windows


For your first publication I would recommend you try downloading book templates to get a feel for the layout and potential of this simple, yet powerful tool. Everything is set up with drag and drop and when you click on any item the edit function becomes available. To reposition anything just drag any object to where you want in on the page or even overlapping pages, you may also grab any container edge to drag and resize it. You may also change the format of an existing page by double clicking on the newly desired format.


Once your publication uploaded you have 15 days to order it or Blurb will delete it. After you buy one it stays online until you remove it. In addition to Website and blog plug-ins, they also provide your own selling page to promote and sell your books and magazines:

  • Each book or magazine you make gets a dedicated sales page.
  • Make it available to the public or invitation-only
  • Customize a preview of your book
  • Share on social media
  • Blurb handles printing, shipping, and customer service

You can sell for profit or not and choose how much you want to earn for each sale. You can sell your print magazine at any price above the base cost. Blurb doesn’t charge a selling fee for printed books or magazines but charges a 20% selling fee for eBooks.


Selling in the Apple iBookstore only takes the push of a button and once Apple approves it they’ll send you a link. The cost to create eBooks is an additional $9.99 but well worth it with this functionality and the cost also provides you with a professional PDF file that I use to publish the magazine for free on ISSUE for my non-Mac OS followers.

Note from Joe: please visit John’s web site and the order page for The Motif Collective.

Author: Joe Farace

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