Let’s Get Edgy on SFX Day

One of the hottest trends in digital images is photographs with irregular, ragged, or artistic edges. Even staid National Geographic magazine used soft-edged photographs to illustrate their story on famed cartographer David Thompson.

While, you can always add creative edges to photographs using traditional techniques, I’ve found that it’s much easier to produce these kinds of effects with digital imaging software. In case you’re wondering why you might want to add creative edges to your own photographs, here are a few reasons:

  • Photographs with irregular edges add variety to your portfolio images by providing visual relief from straight-edged vertical and horizontal rectangular shapes.
  • Images with white or light colored corners tend to have their edges disappear from the final print. A creative frame adds a decorative border to the photograph while giving the finished image a clearly defined edge.
  • Instead of cropping to clean-up distracting elements, you can use creative edges to hide minor compositional flaws while adding a touch of panache at the same time.
  • Creative edges can add an artistic touch to an image that might otherwise appear too literal.
  • Playing with creative edge effects is fun and, gathering from viewer reactions, many other people like them as well.

Edgygirl is the easiest way to add really creative film style edges to your digital images. The selection includes 4×5 Polaroid, filmstrip, distressed, designer frames, and a whole lot more but the big deal is that these are hands-down the best digital edge borders available. Using them is easy: Open the multi layer edge file in Photoshop, open your image file, drag it to the layer above Edgygirl’s red layer, and you’re finished. You can play around with your image, drag it, resize it, and even tweak it to emphasize the edge effect.

It’s all very hands on and old school. There’s no need to load additional software and no actions to run. Edgygirl is a back-to-basics product that was created by Cherie Steinberg Coté who likes adding digital frames to her images but didn’t like the fact that you had to buy a whole disc just to get the few—or one—that you liked. That’s why Edgygirl edges are available ala Carte from $9.99. Look at the selection on her website and be prepared to be blown away.



Author: Joe Farace

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