Lens Pen Stocking Stuffers

Business Fridays goes on hiatus for 2013. In its place, I’ll be showing new products you should find useful and could also make holiday gifts. One product that I have in every one of my camera bags are different kinds of LensPens, so if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for your favorite photographer or maybe just yourself, here’s  a good place to start.

LensPen has expended their collection of tools to include models for removing dust and fingerprints from lenses, filters and touchscreens. Now you can choose from five different models, all with a specific job to tackle. You can use the Original LensPen for digital SLR lenses, MiniPro for compact camera and video lenses, MicroPro for eyepieces (I gotta get me one of those) as well as phone and tablet camera lenses, FilterKlear for filters and DigiKlear for LCD displays.


All five models feature two working ends: a retractable natural brush for removing loose dust and a carbon-impregnated cleaning pad for removing fingerprints from the optics surface. When you touch a lens, it’s a mistake. When you touch a tablet or smartphone screen, it means you’re using it. That’s where LensPen comes to the rescue. The same carbon compound that cleans lenses so effectively also removes the layers of fingerprints that come from the repeated tap-tap-tap on tablet and smartphone touchscreens. Use SideKick to clean tablets and SmartKlear for smartphones.


LensPen photo and screen products are sleek and compact and fit easily in a pocket or camera bag. And they make very affordable stocking stuffers too. LensPen products are available everywhere at most affordable prices that won’t bust the Scroogiest of holiday budgets. For more information go to www.lenspen.com.


Author: Joe Farace

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