Keep Your Glasses Clean

Lots of photographers, including myself, wear glasses, and have been wearing mine since the 9th grade, when all of a sudden I could not see the blackboard. I usually do my photography without glasses using the built-in diopters to correct the viewfinder or EVF. When I’m shooting outdoors, I typically wear non prescription sunglasses which I end up having perched on my forehead, which bring me to…

But if there’s one thing that all we glasses wearers, especially my sunglasses,  have in common it’s dirty glasses. Oh, we have all kinds of expensive wipes and fluids that they’re happy to sell you at the place where your glasses are made but I’d like to introduce you to something new.


Peeps are made by the same people who make LensPens, lens cleaning tool, something I consider to be an indispensable photo accessory and why I’ve been using them for almost twenty years.


Cleaning eyeglasses with Peeps is a two-step process: First, clean the lens with the retractable goat-hair brush to remove  loose dust or potentially abrasive particles on the lens, which is essential to protect the lens and the anti-reflective coatings. Second, slide the arms out from the holder and clean the lens with smooth circular motions. If  smudges remain, breathe gently on the surface and repeat. Each time the arms slide back into the holder, the carbon on the cleaning tips is replenished and cleaning tips can be recharged up to 500 times. Peeps sell for less than $20 and come in different colors for the fashion conscious.

LensPen has kindly donated several Peeps that will be used as door prizes at upcoming Coffee & Camera meetups and PhotoWalks. If you wear glasses, just ask me for a set and you’ll be a winner.

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Author: Joe Farace

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