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While I’m far from the world traveler that I once was, I still enjoy travel photography with a small “T.” This week we’ll travel hither and yon and show you some of the images that I made along the way along with some travel tips about places to go (and eat) that I’ve encountered during my wanderings…


If you only learn one new thing from this post and the rest this week is that you should not purchase a new camera or lens on Thursday before leaving for a week long trek to Africa, Macho Picchu, Easter Island or any other distant location. Instead give yourself enough time to get to know your camera that using it is so instinctive that when an opportunity presents and you may only have a few seconds to get a shot—you can make it. There’s no time to think about what menu to use or how do I turn on continuous AF or what exposure mode am I in anyway? Just as important as knowing your equipment inside and out is what other stuff you need to bring along to make sure that the images from the trip are as vivid as your memories.

Pack lots of memory cards. You may be not able to find an SD card or even a Wal-Mart in the mountains of Bhutan or you may be surprised that the prices for almost everything in Tokyo’s Akihabara are a lot higher than your friendly local camera store.


So what size memory cards should you use? The conventional wisdom is that you’re better off with more, smaller capacity cards than fewer larger ones. That concept is based on the assumption that you’ll loose fewer images if you have a card failure. It’s happened to me.

I have a different theory: Use fewer, bigger cards. You won’t have as many to keep track of (or lose) or have to spend time changing cards. How big? The bigger the better and since no company pays me to use their memory cards I buy whatever’s on sale. I also bring along a small, extra drive, like the Western Digital Passport, and download all the content form each cars each night.

SD.card.caseI also try to bring along enough cards so I don’t have to re-use cards, so they are an extra back up. But as I’ve said many times this is not a “my way or the highway” blog. Use whatever system you like, just be sure to have enough cards. They’re small and don’t take up much space. And protect them, like I do with the indestructible Pelican 0915 Memory Card case.

Happy trails.

Author: Joe Farace

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