Infrared Season is in Full Bloom

First I would like to thank all who attending the sold-out Infrared Workshop, this past Saturday. Big thanks to Mike, Dorothy and Ed for attending. There will be another workshop in July and when the date is selected, I’ll have a post about it here.


One of the things the workshop attendees enjoyed was trying out the various filters in my kit with their own camera. Here’s what we used and with any IR filter they require a tripod and higher than normal ISO settings.

  • Hoya’s 52mm R72 Infrared blocks all visible light up to 720 nanometers and is constructed from high-quality optical glass and is set in an aluminum ring to provide rigidity and prevent jamming.
  • Cokin’s A007 A-sized filter Infrared filter is designed for when you only want to transmit the infrared spectrum and none of the visible spectrum. We didn’t use it in a filter holder and hold it (with our fingers) against the front of the lens to minimize light pollution seeping in from the sides.
  • Singh-Ray’s I-Ray is probably the best IR filter I ever used but you pay for that perfection. It transmits more than 90% of near-infrared light between 700 and 1100nm while blocking virtually all visible and UV light.

I-rayBecause not all manufacturers’ SLRs (this doesn’t seem to be problem with the mirrorless cameras I’ve tried) respond positively to the use of IR filters, I brought along my Canon EOS 50D that was converted by LifePixel with their Standard IR filter. One of our Canon shooters enjoyed using this camera (with his lenses) and made some great-looking images. This conversion uses a 720nm filter, which is the equivalent of a Hoya R72 Filter/ Kodak Wratten 89b filter. I also have a Panasonic Lumix G5 that uses this filter and love shooting images with it.

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Author: Joe Farace

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