How to Establish a Routine Especially With Your Website

On this Business Friday, I am honored to welcome Skip Cohen with today’s marketing advice:

It’s always tough to get back on track after a great weekend, but there are times when I wish I could get off track a little easier.

I just spent five days out of the office in Sarasota. The blog was all caught up with two posts in the pipeline when we left on Thursday. The minus side of being in a routine is simply how hard it is to break, when you really want to. Five days on vacation and the latest I could sleep was 6:25 a.m. I still couldn’t do anything without first checking email on my phone. and often I’d find myself at my laptop, even though there was no wifi!

So, I’m curious about your routines! I’m also curious how many of you have built into your routine the importance of checking your website EVERY day! I spoke at the IPI convention a couple of years ago and loved it when an attendee told me that there were five people in his business and each morning everyone has a different page assigned to them to make sure it’s loading the way it should.

From that point on I set things up so one of the first things I do, right after checking email, is to check the site, in this case Summer School.Then it’s on to email followed by the blog, then Facebook and Twitter. It’s just part of the routine. And while I have yet to find something major not working the way it should,  I have been able to do a lot of fine-tuning.

So, here’s the biggest question of the day – do you check your website every morning?

  • Check your site on Explorer, Firefox and anything else out there that your client base might be using.
  • If you have a storefront, check to make sure the appropriate links to Paypal,, etc. are working properly.
  • Check a couple of pages at random to see if they load fast enough.
  • Check any links you have to other sites: Twice I’ve found links not working and it turned out it was a mistake I’d made and never caught it initially.
  • Last on the list – pick something to proof-read. Trust me – you’ll ALWAYS find a mistake!

Your website is no different than any retail store or office. Not checking it every day is no different than Nordstrom’s forgetting to unlock the door and then wondering what happened to business! Most important of all, and just like Nordstrom’s, keep your “inventory” fresh! Your galleries have to show your very best work and your promotions need to always be current!

Please visit Skip’s Photo Network blog for more ideas, tips and inspiration.

Author: Joe Farace

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