Holy Utility Belt, Batman!


Snoochie Boochies, Batman! I’m not the only kid who has wanted his own utility belt and now Think Tank Photo has redesigned its Modular Rotation System Skin Components to provide for easier  gear retrieval and better equipment fit.

The Modular Skin Set V2.0 includes the Skin 50 V2.0, Skin 75 Pop Down V2.0, Skin Strobe V2.0, and the Skin Body Bag, all of which fits inside a breathable Large Travel Pouch.  All of the elements can be carried as a set or as individual items on Think Tank Photo’s Skin Belt V2.0, Pro Speedbelt V2.0, or the Steroid Speed Belt V2.0.  I’ve been using the Pro Speedbelt V2.0 that better fits my newly svelte 36-inch waist. For shooters who prefer “belt and suspenders” security there’s also a Keep It Up Shoulder Strap that includes a memory card holder and provides vertical support to any Think Tank Photo belt without giving you a militaristic look that some, similar systems have that doesn’t always go down well with the local gendarmerie.

All Skin components use a Rotate and Lock design feature that lets components slide along the belt or fasten in a specific position on the belt and feature a “sound silencer” to minimize the “rrrrrrrrrrippppppp” hook and loop noise. New features of the Modular Skin Set V2.0 include a wide mouth opening that permits smoother lens placement and retrieval. A one-hand drawstring closure with the auto-locking mechanism means that only one hand is needed to securely close the pouch. The bottom of the pocket has a zippered with access to a seam-sealed rain cover and a handle lets you easily gather up multiple pouches. The pouches use an improved rip-stop nylon for increased durability and a smooth back to reduce wear on clothing and helps components slide easily around the belt.

Author: Joe Farace

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