Holga Lens For Olympus Four-Thirds System

It’s time for another episode of “What’s in Your Camera Bag Wednesday. So what in my camera bag this week?

One of the joys of shooting with a Micro Four Thirds system, like the Olympus E-P3,  is that many companies make adapters allowing you to use all kind of camera lenses with it. Adapters are available for Leica M, Nikon F, Pentax K (Voigtlander); Canon FD, Leica R, Contax (Novoflex); and lots more including Holga.

Instead of an adapter Holga’s low cost ($24.99) lenses mount directly on the E-P3 and other four-thirds camera bodies, including the Sony NEX. The focal length is 25mm and has a fixed f/8 aperture. Once mounted the Holga lenses reproduce the characteristic “Holga look ” and the resulting images display the vignetting and soft focus properties for which Holga shots are (in)famous minus the inevitable light leaks caused by the way those cameras are poorly sealed. Lenses use the standard zone focus Holga method of focusing method.

You can try to focus a Holga lens on the E-P3 but I just stuck it in family (three people) mode, put the camera in Aperture Priority mode and clicked the shutter. The exposure for this image was 1/25 sec at f/8 and ISO 200. Shooting the E-P3 with the Holga lens at a car show was a hoot and lots of fun.

The  lens gives you access to e the wide range Holga accessories, including Wide Angle Len, Telephoto Lens, Close-Up Lenses and Macro (they call’em) lenses. In addition Holga redesigned their Fisheye lens for use in conjunction with the Holga Lenses for Digital Cameras. You won’t find a better way to add fun to your Four-Thirds system photography for 25 bucks.

Author: Joe Farace

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