Hitech Modular Filters are More Affordable

What’s in your camera bag? Photographers who love working with filters (and I’m one of them) and who want maximum creative versatility shouldn’t leave home without an ND filter in their camera bag. IHitech who makes high quality modular filters, have re-priced their line to make them competitive with less expensive, soft resin filters. Their ND filters that are part of a system that offers a much greater range of densities, with finer increments of density, and, sometimes with higher quality than screw-in glass equivalents.

Hitech is manufactured in Great Britain and distributed in the U.S. by Visual Departures Ltd. and uses resin is produced entirely in-house, allowing a high level of quality control. It’s also harder, more scratch-resistant, and easier to clean. Hitech’s 85mm filters fit comfortably in it Cokin’s P-sized filter and their 100mm (4×4-inch) filters fit the Lee holder of the same size. Hitech ND filters are available in every third-stop of density up to a full five stops, then in six-, seven-, eight-, nine- and ten-stop densities. As part of the company’s PROSTOP line, the six- through ten-stop ND filters are even available in a special version—one with a thicker light gasket, to fit the wider slots of the Lee’s holder.

Hitech also makes a range of reverse-graduated ND filters with the heaviest density at the center of the filter, lightening toward the top. Reverse-graduated ND filters are ideal for when the actual light source (the sun or bright clouds at dawn or day’s end) is in the frame and near the horizon—preventing that area from being blown out. Hitech’s reverse-graduated ND filters are available in one-, two-, and three-stop densities or as a kit with all three. Hitech makes its own machined anodized-aluminum filter holders and lens adapter rings for 85mm (Cokin P) and 100mm sizes. Like the filters, these have been drastically reduced in price as well.

Author: Joe Farace

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