Having Fun with Panos FX Film Effects

PanosFX’s FILMSTRIPS is a bundle of three sets of Photoshop actions that create filmstrip effects inspired by classic 35mm film. These actions produce fully layered and editable Photoshop images that use non-destructive techniques.

You can edit the images just like any Photoshop template (replace one or more filmstrip photos, etc.) but they’re more useful that typical templates because there are no predefined document size restrictions; you get to define the filmstrip width as you get started. If you need a seven-inch wide filmstrip or a 1500 pixels wide filmstrip, you can make the exact size and effect you want and you won’t have to resize and lose quality.


The bundle includes Three sets of actions:

FLAT FILMSTRIPS: contains 20 actions, which produce horizontal and vertical 35mm filmstrips, with up to 10 photos. Each action creates three filmstrip variations creating up to 60 different filmstrips.

BENT FILMSTRIPS: contains 18 actions that produce a plethora of curvy filmstrips, using up to 10 photos. Each action creates three filmstrip variations with up to 54 variations.

SPECIAL FILMSTRIPS: contains 13 actions and lets you create objects such as film rolls and cassettes, or imaginary filmstrip loops and frames (shown above.)

FILMSTRIPS costs 15.50 € (or about $16.40 at today’s exchange rates) but there’s a free version that includes one action from each set, for evaluation purposes and home use.

Until December 31, Panos is offering a 15% introductory discount. To get the discount:

  1. Go to the product page
  2. Add the product to the cart and proceed to checkout
  3. Enter the coupon code CAMERA in the respective field and click on “CLICK TO ADD” to apply

Author: Joe Farace

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